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What’s the worst that could happen if the Astros win the World Series?

By Mike Cernovich, who’s been covering sports for a long timeNow, a few months later, there’s been plenty of time for the Astros to put a lot of thought into what the worst thing could possibly happen if they win the National League West.There are two scenarios, one in which they win in the AL […]

When you want a new mall, you can’t just buy one from Walmart

When you shop online for a new shopping center or office building, the shopping experience is often a mix of excitement and frustration.The excitement of discovering the next big project or big deal, while sometimes satisfying, is short-lived, if not completely fleeting.The frustration of having to make the long drive home after work or to […]

How to tell the difference between a saver and a loan shark

Why are we not seeing any interest rates on savings accounts?If the bank isn’t going to charge interest on your savings account, why are they charging interest on loans? The answer to these questions is simple: there are two types of savers: those that pay the bank interest, and those that do not. These two groups are […]

What’s new in BOSTON weather hourly

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How to choose the right food for your body

Posted November 17, 2019 09:13:47You don’t have to be overweight to have health problems, but if you are, you should be aware of the food that’s safe to eat and how to prepare it properly.A new report by Australian nutritionist and blogger Michael Smith, MD, PhD, from Melbourne’s Griffith University, suggests that people with the […]

Why the Applebees are in trouble after Applebee’s closes its doors after 6 months

Applebee’ s closing at the end of the month after six months of running a struggling business has put the spotlight on the struggling restaurant chain.The Applebees, a chain of small-scale restaurants in the US, announced its closure on its website, and said the restaurant would close on October 26.“It is with great sadness that […]

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