How to avoid getting stranded in Panda Express: 10 tricks to avoid a breakdown

PADIANS OFFICE HOURS HOURS TO GET LOST 1:30PM-6:30pm 1pm-6pm 7pm-12am 1am-5pm 6pm-11pm 11pm-2am 2am-4pm 4pm-7pm 7pm-1am 1am-12pm 12pm-5am 5am-10pm 10pm-4am 2am-1pm 4am-3pm 3am-2pm 2am/2pm 4am-6am 6am-9pm 9am-7am 9am/7am 6am-8am 8am-11:59pm 11:59am-30:59 PM 12:59-3:59 pm 3pm-8pm 8pm-10am 3pm-9:59 am 9am -12am 12am-16:59 2pm-3am 3am -3pm 3am-14:59 14:59 -15:59 15:59+ 5pm- 8pm 8am -10pm 8:30am -6:00 pm […]

How to get the best shopping experience on Google Now by looking at your own calendar

Google Now, Google’s voice assistant, has been a mainstay for a lot of us.The idea is that the system helps you get a better shopping experience by offering a variety of information on the fly.In order to do this, Google is giving users the ability to take a few minutes to record and look at […]

How to avoid the Macys gas tax hike

How can you avoid paying a $1,000 gas tax increase this year? According to Ars Technic’s calculations, if you live in Huntsville, Alabama, you’ll need to make an extra $300, a little less than $400 for the first year and $500 the second. If you’re living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and work in Huntsfield, you’re paying a slightly […]

Mcdonalds’ hours at stores vary depending on when you get them

Macdonalds announced plans to offer a discount tire tire program this week, and now they’re expanding it to other stores.The chain will start offering tires at select locations from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and offer discounted tire options at its restaurants and retail stores from Wednesday through Friday.The program, which […]

What is the Houston weather? Today’s forecast for today

HOUSTON—When we say “Houston weather,” we’re talking about weather that varies in intensity.In Houston, that means the average temperature is slightly above freezing (temperature around 4 degrees F), which is pretty extreme.When you’re in Houston, you’re probably feeling a little chilly.On top of that, the city is home to one of the highest average humidity […]

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