How energy is saving the planet

The world’s energy consumption is on track to be about 50% lower than what it was a few decades ago, and it’s going to be even more so by 2050, according to new research.

The study, published in the journal Nature Energy, found that energy efficiency improvements are increasing the number of people on the planet and are leading to the elimination of the most extreme and urgent global warming risks.

The findings come from a study by the UK’s Institute of Energy Economics and Technology (IEEET) that looked at energy efficiency measures across a range of global economies, including countries with large energy grids.

These included countries like China, the United States and India.

While most countries are improving their energy efficiency, they’re also adopting more extreme measures to tackle climate change, which could have devastating consequences for humanity.

The researchers looked at countries with energy grids, which run electric grids across large areas of land, like countries with high population densities like the United Kingdom.

The UK, which currently has over 70 million people, has a very large population of households, which means that the energy consumption of these households can be very large.

“We looked at the energy use of these homes, and we found that a lot of the homes that are currently being built have a lot more energy efficiency than their counterparts,” lead author Professor Chris Ritchie said.

“This is largely because they have much more open spaces, open buildings, so they can be more efficient, and so they’re using more energy per unit of volume.”

“So you’re getting rid of the power lines and the wires that connect the house, which is really a big energy sink.”

While these energy savings are happening, the impact on the environment is likely to be more profound.

The IEEET researchers found that the biggest impact on climate change is happening in China, where energy efficiency is already taking a big toll on the air, water and climate.

This has a direct impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“The effect on climate will be worse than it was before,” Ritchie told ABC News.

“That is going to increase the amount of CO2 that’s already in the atmosphere and that is going on to get worse.”

The researchers found the biggest energy savings in China are being realized in the construction of new energy-efficient homes.

This is because the Chinese have been building homes to be energy efficient for decades.

This means that if we want to keep a roof over people’s heads, we can’t just use energy-saving technology that only works for a short time.

“When we build a house in China and it has this energy-efficiency roof, the house will probably stay the same, because it’s so efficient,” Rigo said.

That’s because it is designed to be able to survive for many years, but if the energy savings disappear, then it’s just going to deteriorate.

So we’re really building a house to last, and that will last for many, many years.

He explained that this is a big change for many people because they need to move to new cities because of the lack of energy. “

In China, there’s an awful lot of building that’s energy efficient, but a lot is also solar, that has been around for a long time,” Righy said.

He explained that this is a big change for many people because they need to move to new cities because of the lack of energy.

In the United State, the average energy use for homes in the last year is about 4,500 kilowatt hours per year, which equates to about one million US homes.

While this may seem small, the researchers found some really huge energy-consumption changes are happening.

“They’re not necessarily that big, but there are really huge changes,” Ritton said.

These are changes that will have a profound impact on how people live in the future, because if they continue to live in this way, they’ll be unable to adapt to climate change.

“If you’re an energy-intensive household in China that’s being built today, you’re likely to have to make the same choices as someone who is living in a country that is getting its energy efficiency up, and you’re not going to have any choice but to go with that,” Righter said.

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