“Mystery” is the name of the new toy in the Rosie the Riveter craze

I think I’ll get this right.

I’m not a Rosie.

I’ve never had a Riveters toy, never been one, and I’ve been trying for months to get one for years.

So I guess it is.

If I’m being honest, I was hoping for a toy like the R2-D2 one I’m talking about.

It has the look of a classic R2 robot, the same kind of head with a red and black stripe, and there’s a button to activate it, but the actual action is very much a mystery.

I haven’t had a real Rivetter toy in my life.

I just don’t have the time for one.

So, how did I get my hands on one of these things?

Well, I figured the toy store at Target would be the place to find one.

And that’s how I discovered the Toys R Us (TSU) site.

Target is a toy retailer, so they sell everything from dolls to toys.

Toys R U also has a site called Toys R’ Us.

They’re pretty straightforward.

They say, “Our mission is to deliver quality products and services, and we strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible.”

I called the TSU website, and the sales representative said, “I have an R2 toy for sale.”

She said, I have it.

And it was a pretty standard R2.

I picked it up at Target.

Then I went online, searched for the product, and picked it off the shelves at Toys R ‘ Us.

But I did notice something strange about it.

It had the R tag on it.

But it was labeled as an R. So when I tried to purchase it online, the seller would show me that they were not selling it as an official R2, but were selling it for a R2 that had a “T” on it, which was the toy’s original R tag.

So this R tag had been used on the original R, but it had been painted over.

I bought the R from Toys R Toys.

I was told that I would get a refund, and that they would take the R back.

So after some more digging, I called Toys S. The TSU reps were more forthcoming.

They explained that the R was just an R, and not an official robot, and they said that I could return it to the store.

I got my refund, but I couldn’t bring the R home with me.

So now I’m in a bind.

I want to get my R2 back, but if Toys S won’t give me a refund or return the R, then I’m going to have to go to the Toys U website and purchase the R myself.

Toys U is a giant online toy retailer.

Its the largest toy store in the world, with more than 1,600 stores in 25 countries.

I know that it sells a ton of toys, but its also the largest online retailer.

So if it was an official toy, the online retailer Toys S could easily send it back to me, but they wouldn’t.

So that’s what I’m doing now.

I need to get the R. Toys S doesn’t seem to have any R2s in stock.

But Toys R and Toys U have a couple other R2 toys for sale.

One is a red-and-white R2 called the R1.

The other is a blue-and/or white R2 (also called a R-1).

They both have the same R tag, but their R tags are different.

So what is this blue-or-white thing?

Well this blue R2 is called a Blue R2 and it’s sold in Toys R, Toys U, Toys R’s website, the Toys-R-U website, etc. The only reason I want one of them is because I know there are some R2 fans out there that are looking for them.

But that doesn’t mean they are going to find a R1 at Toys S, Toys S’s website or Toys R toys.

There are some online retailers that will not accept R2 merchandise, but Toys S and Toys R have different policies about what they will accept.

So for me, it’s the R-3 and R-4.

And I bought them all from Toys S Toys R. I went to Toys S online and picked up the R3 and got a refund.

Then when I went into Toys S T.U. and bought the Toys 4R, I bought that as well.

I ended up getting the Toys 6R and getting a refund too.

I tried the R4 at Toys T and Toys 4T, and both of those products were R2 items.

But in Toys 4A, Toys 4B, Toys 5A, and Toys 5B, they have the R6 toy as well, and it is sold in the Toys S store

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