What you need to know about Petmart’s new loyalty program

The Petmart chain is announcing a new loyalty card that promises to reward loyalty points by offering discounted shipping on orders from Best Buy and Target.

It’s one of a series of new loyalty cards launched this month that aim to attract shoppers to Petmart.

The loyalty program was announced Monday as part of the retailer’s new effort to build more loyalty and get customers to spend more, said a spokesperson.

The Petmart program lets customers redeem loyalty points on Petmart for discounts on everything from PetSmart merchandise to grocery items, toys, home furnishings and more.

Those points can be used toward pet care and health insurance, as well as at PetSmart stores.

The company will be offering free shipping on PetSmart orders from Nov. 14 to Dec. 4, as a way to build new loyalty.

The loyalty program is not available to customers who buy at a PetSmart store.

The program is a new way for PetMart to attract customers who shop with the brand, said John Moline, vice president of marketing for Petmart, in a statement.

“People who spend a lot of time in Petmart are often loyal to PetMart, which is why they are excited to have the opportunity to spend those loyalty points at Target and Best Buy,” Moline said.

The new program, which starts Monday, has two tiers.

The first tier, called PetSmart Gold, lets Petmart customers earn a bonus of 1.9 percent on orders worth $50 or more and a discount of 4.9 percentage points on orders of $20 or more.

The second tier, PetSmart Platinum, lets customers earn 3.5 percent on any PetSmart order worth $150 or more, and a 1.8 percent discount on any order worth more than $150.

The bonus is tied to PetSmart loyalty points, and the discounts are tied to pet care insurance and health care costs.

Petmart says the rewards are valid on orders up to $50.

The company says PetSmart Silver customers can earn a discount that is 2.2 percent on their orders of up to 50.

PetMart says Petmart Gold customers can receive 1.5 points per order of up from $50, up to 3.0 points per dollar from $100, up from 4.2 points per Dollar or more from $200 and up from 5.1 points per PetSmart Dollar.

PetSmart Platinum customers can take advantage of the PetSmart discount on their order of $100 or more as well, and they can take full advantage of a PetCare discount on up to five PetSmart pet care products, which will be $10 off.

PetMall is a major player in the pet care space.

It has over 700 stores in the U.S. and Canada, with a total of more than 3,400 pet care services and more than 1,300 pet health care programs.

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