Why Austin is getting hotter, even though the state has warmed to the north

Posted by Melissa Nelson, NBC News Weather Anchor on Tuesday, October 10, 2019 06:53:58While the state is experiencing a long-term warming trend in the last several years, the city of Austin has been the hottest spot in the country during the past decade.

The city has seen its average annual temperature rise by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the past three years.

Austin was already the hottest city in the nation in September, according to a new report from the Weather Channel.

Austin had its hottest year on record in 2019, and this year is likely to be even hotter.

The average annual heat wave in Austin in 2018 was the hottest in the state, with an average of 4.8 degrees.

The number of days in the city with a record-breaking heat wave has more than tripled in just the past year, according a Weather Channel analysis of temperature data.

Weather Channel’s Austin Heat Map shows Austin as a heat island, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the month.

That includes a record for September, when the city hit 104.2 degrees.

Temperatures in the capital hit 108.6 degrees on Friday, the hottest day in the past week.

On average, Austin has experienced five days with an above-average temperature.

Weather is becoming more variable, but it is not a new phenomenon.

Last year, the average temperature was 102 degrees in the Twin Cities, the most extreme temperature ever recorded in the United States.

The temperature has been rising at an alarming rate.

Last week, a record of 113.8 was set in Austin.

That was the second-highest average temperature in the U.S. in the month of September.

This past week, the weather was much more mild, with the city experiencing only four days of above-normal temperatures.

The warmest temperature was recorded in August, when a record 117.3 degrees was recorded.

The most extreme temperatures in Austin during the month were recorded in July, when 106.3 and 106.7 degrees, respectively.

The last time Austin experienced a record above-freezing temperature was in June, when it was 104.1 degrees.

ABC News Weather Analyst Greg Goudeau joins the NBC News staff to discuss the latest weather, the Olympics, and more.

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