How to watch the best football games of all time with Braum’s Hours

The best football game of all-time, and one of the greatest sporting events of all times.

It’s the FA Cup Final against Tottenham Hotspur.

That’s how the BBC has decided to commemorate it.

The cup final will be played on Sunday November 30, 2021.

The BBC has chosen the day for the event because it marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the FA’s competition.

Brum’s Hours is an hour-long programme about the history of the game, its rise, its fall and its return to relevance.

It is a fascinating look at the players and their incredible performances during those golden years, and a glimpse into how football has changed since then.

The programme’s focus is on football’s origins and the players that inspired it, but also examines its place in the modern game.

It touches on the current state of the Premier League and its players, its place within the wider sporting landscape and its future.

I’m going to go straight into the numbers, as it’s pretty simple: in 1892, there were just two teams in the English Premier League, the Liverpool Football Club and the Arsenal Football Club.

Today, there are three.

There’s Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea, all three of which have won the league in the last decade, and the three teams are each in the Premier league at the moment.

So, how does this compare to those teams 100 years ago?

Let’s start with Liverpool.

The Reds were the first team in the world to have a national flag.

They were the original team.

They won the FA cup.

The club also won the Champions League.

It was the first club to have two clubs in the league.

It had a national stadium and a massive crowd.

The second club was a German side.

Both had the same crest.

In other words, Liverpool was a team with no rivals.

Arsenal and Chelsea had no rivals either.

It was only a matter of time until they were the big two, and Arsenal were the powerhouse of English football.

The first match of the Champions league was played in May 1903.

Arsenal beat Liverpool 1-0, and that match would be the first to be broadcast live in England.

Chelsea were beaten 1-1 by Chelsea in May 1902, and both teams were relegated. 

In December 1904, Chelsea won the cup, while Liverpool lost the league to Arsenal in the final.

At the time, the two teams were in the Champions competition.

Liverpool were in third place, but Arsenal had only one win from their three league games, and Chelsea were two points clear at the top.

The FA Cup final was held at Wembley, and there were 11 goals scored in the game.

The FA Cup ended the year with an FA Cup semi-final, and it was Liverpool who beat Chelsea 3-2.

The following season, the cup was won by Liverpool again, this time by 1-3.

In 1908, Liverpool won the Cup, but Chelsea were beaten in the semi-finals, and Liverpool finished fifth.

In 1910, Chelsea went on to win the cup again, but Liverpool were beaten 2-1 in the first leg.

Chelsea’s title was secured at Wembley the following year, but the club’s position in the FA continued to deteriorate.

In 1921, Liverpool went down to the second round of the competition.

They beat Tottenham 4-0 and Chelsea finished fifth, with Liverpool winning the cup.

Liverpool’s last trophy in the competition came in 1934, with Chelsea winning the league title.

Now, back to the FA.

A decade before the FA, the league was being organised by the Football League of England, the first of its kind in the continent.

It included teams from the United States, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Greece and Spain.

The competition was divided into four divisions, each with a team in it for the next four years.

The fourth division, the Third Division, had a side from each of those countries.

Each team was based in a different city in England, and each team had two home games in London.

In 1904, the Second Division of the Football Leagues was formed.

It consisted of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City.

In 1906, the First Division of that League was formed, and in 1907, the Fourth Division was formed for the second season.

In 1908, the FA had its first national TV coverage.

One of the highlights of the BBC’s 100th Anniversary coverage was the broadcast of the first ever match between Liverpool and Chelsea in the Second Round of the Cup.

The game took place in London at the Old Oak Common.

That’s the ground where Liverpool’s FA Cup winners of 1888, 1910 and 1921 played their first games.

The pitch had been renovated in 1921, but had been abandoned by then.

It still had a wooden roof, but it was in a bad state.

The grass had been cut down and the turf

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