What are the best times to drive to work and what are the worst times to commute?

Posted November 11, 2018 08:25:33It may be tempting to think that the commute to work is as good as a car ride, but for many commuters, the answer is far less predictable.

In the last three years, there has been a dramatic drop in the number of people commuting from Sydney to Melbourne, and the number commuting to work has dropped by an average of 14 per cent.

“People are increasingly seeing the benefits of driving to work, rather than taking the bus, and are becoming more conscious of their choices and the types of options available,” Mr Fagan said.

This means there is a greater demand for alternative ways to commute, particularly on foot, by bike or public transport.

In Sydney, where there are about 70,000 people commuting to and from work every day, many are opting to use public transport, including carpools, and ride-sharing apps.

The new SmartBike app is one of the few that allows people to choose between a public or private vehicle, and allows users to choose whether they will get off or pick up the passengers at the front gate.

When commuters need to get to work from a city centre, such as an airport, they are forced to walk.

In Melbourne, there are only two major tram lines, and they are both limited to peak hour travel.

It is the latter, particularly at night, that makes commuters increasingly concerned about their commute, with many fearing that they will be unable to leave their vehicles parked overnight, let alone use the car parks in the evening.

But even if there is no demand for public transport to travel from Sydney, Mr Faga said it is important to remember that people have to make a choice, and that choice has to be about what they want to do.

Mr Fagan recommends that people consider whether they want a job that requires them to drive, and what they can realistically do to reduce their time on the road.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from an anxiety disorder, mental health issue, depression or are suffering from a medical condition, you can seek professional help.

If you are travelling to work in a different state, consider checking if you can use the Public Transport network as well as the public transport network.

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